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Intimidating principals

When it comes to bullying, we’re all against it, but we don’t all agree even on what exactly “it” is. “A good school culture and positive disciplinary systems are key,” he said.With that background, the first-ever National Anti-Bullying Summit convened in Washington, D. “Anti-bully programs can’t exist alone.” But can a positive disciplinary system include corporal punishment? When an adult administers a paddling on the buttocks—the most common form of physical punishment in schools—that merely reinforces a child’s belief that violence is appropriate.What if the biggest bully in the school is the Principal? Often bully leaders believe that they are simply getting everyone on side, focusing on the current initiative. It can be very difficult for Superintendents to identify a bully principal.Many people would be surprised to hear that the teachers who spend each day working to prevent bullying among students in schools can themselves be victims of bullying in the workplace. Bully principals don’t show their Jekyll sides outside of their school while they are focused on showcasing and taking credit for their successes.Since International Day of Pink this past week (April 11, 2012), bullying in schools is once again a hot topic. It can mean undermining the efforts of teachers and jeopardizing their success. But do bully leaders consider themselves to be bullies? Upper management sees the results, cheers the Bully on, holding up to others the “great results” – something all the other Principals should aspire to. When teacher motivation rests in fear of the Principal, it is not sustainable.But what if the bullying in the school isn’t among students? Principal bullies often believe strongly that they are very capable leaders, and are unable to distinguish between the qualities of good leadership and bullying. How can Senior Management Recognize the Bully Principal?There is a variant of symmetrical balance called approximate symmetry in which equivalent but not identical forms are arranged around the fulcrum line.

There is no reason to delve deeper into what is going on. Ontario has legislation that prevents bullying in the workplace, but teachers are reluctant to report when the bully is their boss.

Human Rights Watch documents how the two share similar effects that range from physical injury to depression, anger and academic disengagement.

A matter is before the Courts where a Public School Principal is suing a fellow parent for defamation. The Parent, after being unable to get any satisfaction on important educational issues that he raised with the Principal, sent an email to some fellow class parentsl In the email he outlined his concerns about the ability and integrity of the Principal and put it out there that the principal should be removed from her position as she was failing in her duty of care to the children. He was very upset and felt very strongly about what he wrote.

Using open body language, learning to how to engage others, and putting effort into your appearance can all help you to look and feel more approachable.

Everyone is worried—rightfully—about what seems to be a cross-country epidemic of bullying.

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Using Friendly Body Language Cultivating a Friendly Appearance Conversing with Others Community Q&A It can be challenging to look and feel at ease at parties, meetings, or other social situations.