Joseph gordon levitt interview dating

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Joseph gordon levitt interview dating

"I want them to see the character, the story that I'm telling." The couple met through "mutual friends," he said, but the actor wouldn't go into further detail.

When asked if he's in love, the Looper actor replied, "Oh, jeez, man! This is getting private." PHOTOS: Hollywood's biggest flirts Indeed, keeping private is something his girlfriend would like to do as well.

"The girl that I'm with, she really doesn't want to be a part of it," he said of staying out of the spotlight.

I agree, he was always hot, the haircut ruined him. Who knows, maybe there's a magical 15 minutes that a celebrity might pass through when they go instantly from infancy to elderly that might meet a psychotic DLer's approval. On DL you can go from one thread where people are bitching about how they resent someone's youth to another thread where they're savaging someone for daring to age and the two of them are really not that far apart.

We also get a funny musical number in the park, a b & w Bergmanesque dramatization, and a leading man whose poetic musings are limited to his writing quips for a greeting card company.

Oh, he also takes love advice from his 11 year old soccer-playing sister (Chloe Moretz), but wisely declines most of it from his best friend played by sexist, drunken (and funny) co-worker, Geoffrey Arend.

He's cool in the same way that the skater from your neighborhood who could only play The Ramones and one Yeah Yeah Yeahs song was cool: they're not trying to prove anything. And I'm predicting that we haven't seen the best yet — JGL strikes me as a future Hot Dad. And then I realized I was daydreaming in a movie about dreaming and that I just got incepted. It's not like he just read in hand and a feminist pin on his messenger bag, like you'd meet on the quad at Sarah Lawrence. If I had to walk down a dark alley opposite one male celebrity, it would Chris Kattan, but JGL would be a close second. He would make a really great Spotify playlist to help him "process." We'd stay in touch. After a while, we would barely remember that we even dated. I'd love to spend a night with JGL: get wine-drunk, listen to yé-yé records from the '60s, pull off his bow tie, maybe let him get to second base, and then curl up beside him and fall asleep.

This marks the first time the 32-year-old has mentioned his love life in detail in public -- ever!There were very specific points that had to be hit so that can take the magic out of it a little bit. JGL: Yeah, I think that was part of what inspired me to write it in the first place.Having enough interactions where people were saying, ' If only my life could be like that movie you were in,' or ' If only I could find somebody like you in that movie.' You know, hearing things like that sometimes startles me because... You'll miss all that good stuff if you're busy comparing your life to what you've seen on a screen and so that's a lot of what I wanted to poke fun at by making this movie.Every woman I know thinks intelligence is sexy, so, since this isn't a 1950s beach party, can we officially drop the extra qualifier of "nerdy?" Besides, a skinny tie and pair of glasses do not a nerd make.

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successfully made the jump from squeaky-clean to sexy?