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But thanks to the increasing popularity of the notification light being built into an increasing number of newer laptops and computers, there's a way to fight back.

Of course, these creeps still try to get around that: "The first time I use a slaves cam tho I send a fake message saying something like the cams software is updating and the light may come on and go off periodically," wrote another user on Hack Forums.

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The motion functions realise these motion functions directly in the real-time driver of the NC.

Unlike classic table couplings that only transfer discrete steps (scatter plots) in the form of larger data quantities to the NC, the complete information is stored in the NC in very compact form.

A motion function (MF) describes a cam disc via mathematical functions.

It sub-divides the curve into appropriate segments (sections), for which different motion laws, i.e.

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special mathematical functions, can be used (for cam examples see: The motion laws for mechanical cams are defined in VDI guideline 2143 and other documents.