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X files actors dating

Reps didn’t comment, and the truth isn’t yet out there as to whether Anderson serves fish fingers.

Quaid has been married three times, including to actress Meg Ryan.“The X-Files” star Gillian Anderson is quietly dating Peter Morgan — the ­Oscar-nominated UK writer behind “The Queen” and “Frost/Nixon” — sources exclusively tell Page Six. London-based Anderson was in town this week to launch a book with Jennifer Nadel, “We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere,” and was with Morgan at a Mo MA premiere of his new Netflix series, “The Crown, (paywall)” . Speaking about what viewers can expect from the new episodes Gillian, 42, explained: "Something I’ve come to [realise] is that even though there was a degree of expectation that we would create something that was as revolutionary as we did back then, that’s not necessarily what people are expecting or wanting.”She continued: “They’re wanting what they had before.That’s more of what the commitment should be focused on.

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