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'1-4 - 'The Burning Zone: Deadly Combat on the Edge of Space!

Big O'3-2 - 'My Sweet Heart Dorothy'3-3 - 'Unto Us a Beast is Born'3-44-1 - 'To the One I Can't Forget'4-2 - 'The Chosen Ones'4-3 - 'The Sun Will Rise Again, Part 1'4-4 - 'The Sun Will Rise Again, Part 2'1-11-21-3 - 'Into the Battle Zone! '1-8 - 'The Fate of Garma'2-1 - 'Homecoming'2-2 - 'Death From Above'2-3 - 'Ranba Ral Attacks! '#1 - '5 Secret Weapons- Gundam'#1 (Limited Collector's Edition) - '5 Secret Weapons- Gundam'#2 - 'Oz Makes a Move'#3 - 'Heero Versus Zechs, A Hot Battle on Antarctica'#4 - 'Boys Wander'#5 - 'Wings of Sorrow'#6 - 'The Threat of Mobile Dolls'#7 - 'Evil Zero System'#8 - 'The Gundam Team is Formed!

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